According to The Center for Disease Control and Prevention, over 140 Americans die from drug overdoses every day. Of these overdoses, 91 are specifically linked to Opioids – America has a problem and the race is on to find a viable alternative. Recent studies show that that CBD can combat the opioid crisis.

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Over 19.1 million Americans live with a Substance Use Disorder (SUD). 

SUD occurs when a person’s use of alcohol or another substance (like drugs) leads to physical and mental health issues, problems at work, school, or at home. Different substances like alcohol, tobacco, stimulants, and opioids can all activate the brain’s reward system and cause dependency – though these substances can all affect a user in different ways, their effects on the user are often extremely strong.

Even in recovery, an addict can suffer from SUD with the threat of relapse looming over them. A popular misconception is that an addict will relapse because of weakness or the inability to exhibit willpower, but relapse isn’t so simple. A person suffering with SUD, if not managed, will often relapse because of mental health or physical conditions. Anxiety, depression, obsessive-compulsion, physical aches and pains – either of these could trigger a devastating relapse.  

Despite their best efforts, recovering addicts often suffer in silence and fear the stigma and judgement of using CBD as a means of recovery. But addicts no longer need to suffer in silence. With the right serving size, CBD can provide relief to recovering addicts suffering from the effects of SUD. 

Unlike other relapse prevention treatments, CBD is safe, non-addictive, and non-habit forming. CBD does not get you high and as such, leaves no traces of THC in your system. Don’t suffer in silence – find a CBD product and serving size that works best for you today! 


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