Recovery ReLeaf, a family owned and operated small business and as such, we feel it’s important to have a direct connection with you! Here’s a little bit about us

Our names are Deanna Muniz and Natali Jedlicki– we are the founders of Recovery ReLeaf, a family owned and operated small business and as such, we feel it’s important to have a direct connection with you! Here’s a little bit about us:

Deanna Muniz is Recovery ReLeaf’s co-founder and COO. At the young age of 20 years old, she was diagnosed with Lupus and a host of autoimmune disorders that directly affected her quality of life. At that time, she found there were very few solutions available to help mitigate the pain stemming from her ailments. Seeking an alternative, safe, all-natural option, Deanna started using CBD just 2 years ago – her life since starting CBD has completely changed. Deanna is not only an owner of Recovery ReLeaf but a customer that has personal experience with CBD products. She now dedicates her journey to help others with CBD.

Professionally, Deanna has extensive experience in the healthcare mental health industry and a background in medical science and substance abuse. She works closely with physicians, healthcare professionals, holistic practitioners, and licensed mental health counselors as a resource to help provide education and top-quality CBD products that are safe for children, adults and people in recovery from addictions. Her personal mission is to help as many people as possible to find safe, effective natural, holistic solutions.

Natali Jedlicki is Recovery ReLeaf’s CEO & Co-founder. Natali’s biggest inspiration for getting into the CBD business comes from her and her mother’s own personal, life-changing experience and success with CBD. Natali lives with a thyroid condition and suffers from pain related to severe back issues while her mother suffers from pain stemming from rheumatoid arthritis. In her thorough search for relief, Natali came across CBD and decided to give it a try. Her personal results with CBD were tremendously helpful in alleviating her pain. After this positive experience with CBD, Natali recommended CBD to her mother in order to help with her rheumatoid arthritis – the results her mother experienced were also extremely positive. It’s clear that CBD has been a significant component in helping Natali and her mother obtain a better quality of life – an experience that she would like to pass on to as many people as possible and serves as her main inspiration for getting into the CBD business.

Natali made it her mission to thoroughly research and find the best quality hemp for our products. She has personally tested and reviewed products and knows that quality comes first when you are establishing a professional trusted product and brand.

Professionally, Natali has been an insurance broker for over 10 years and has a paralegal background. Her extensive experience in these backgrounds means she understands what a customer is actively looking for to obtain a better quality of life.

As the CEO Natali takes pride with Deanna in making sure every customer is educated and informed about what products may work for their personal journey and lifestyle.

What Recovery ReLeaf Is

Recovery ReLeaf is a family owned and operated business with a strict focus on three important facets:

  1.    Top Quality Products

Cannabidiol or CBD is currently having its moment and seems to be everywhere. However, not all CBD products are created equally. Most are not recognizable as brands and come from dubious sources that add unnatural, unnecessary, and often useless fillers. But at Recovery ReLeaf, our CBD products are pure and are created with the absolute highest standards in mind and strive to be the best quality on the market. Made from best quality, certified organic industrial hemp grown in the USA, our products are lab tested, contain NO GMOs, and is sourced responsibly and ethically.

  1.    Unrivaled Customer Service

At Recovery ReLeaf, clients come first. Always. We are a dedicated, hands-on business and we take pride in keeping that personal touch with you. We do not have impersonal, third-party representatives because we believe that you deserve better. When you contact Recovery ReLeaf, you directly contact the owners. We will communicate with you directly about all your CBD needs and we are available to you every step of the way from finding the product that may best suit your specific needs to providing instruction and education about usage and beyond. Recovery ReLeaf is more than a collection of products – we want to assist you on your journey to relief and wellness.

  1.    Education

There are a lot of misconceptions about CBD and we feel that many vendors are contributing these misconceptions by irresponsibly selling products blindly. We strive to educate our clients about CBD before selling a product. What is CBD? What does it do? Which serving size may be right for me? What do these labels mean?! It may all seem overwhelming at first, but we are with you every step of the way. We explain how many milligrams are in each product and exactly what that could mean for you as a consumer. We explain in detail how CBD works, its medicinal properties, it’s potential effects as well as how it could benefit you directly. For more information, see our FAQ  or feel free to contact us directly today!

Thank you for visiting Recovery ReLeaf – we look forward to getting to know you and joining you on your journey to a better quality of life!